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Backfour is an online booking and discovery platform that helps aggregate all sports and physical activity venues in a given area. The main aim is to provide people with an easy way to access these spaces and their services.


BackFour has identified and partnered with some of the best coaches in Chennai so you can learn what you always dreamt of learning. Learning a new sport or sharpening your skills has never been easier.


Choices of over 100 Grounds and facilities all over Chennai across 30 different sports. Look up the grounds and facilities available in your area and book the one according to your choice.


The idea is to let you explore a variety of activities and participate in all the adventure sports around Chennai.


Choose from over 100 Grounds, meet new Coaches, and have new programmes to explore from. And most importantly play the sport that you love.

It’s a struggle to find a way to connect in person, in real time with sports nowadays. With the late hours, early mornings and constant shift in cities we often find ourselves without  –  people to play with and places to play in.

The aim is to help sports enthusiasts connect with fitness programmes, (including gyms, yoga, zumba, marathons, personal trainers and cross fit training), coaching academies, sports clubs, sports grounds, self – defense classes, as well as adventure sports.

It is an online discovery and booking platform conceptualized with the aim of solving a multi – faceted problem – obtainability and accessibility of well documented and available sports facilities, programmes, teams and partners near you, at home or while travelling to a new city.

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Book Grounds anywhere in the city. Grounds are automatically filtered to your choice of sports..

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Looking to enhance your skills? Hoping to learn a new sport? Just click to hire a personal coach.

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Our plans bring together various activities and grounds or gyms under one mega membership, to enable you to continue enjoying your routine while exploring new ways of staying fit.


Find the best fit among the varied list of all the adventure and sports related activities, be it workshops, competitions or adventure trips.